Jul. 27th, 2011 09:41 am
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Very frustrated at LJ right now.

Frustrated with all the "no" replies to F's birthday, too. The poor kid is going to have only one other kid at his birthday, right now. *sigh* This is the difficulty of a summer birthday. My mother-in-law blew it off, but I remember what it felt like when all my friends got to have birthday parties, and if we even tried to have one for me, everyone was away on vacation.

I think if it continues in this vein, we'll still have the pirate birthday (though with a smaller cake!), and then maybe go to Water Country the next day, or some other outing of his choice.

Maybe WE should go on vacation for his birthdays, now. The NY Ren Faire is going on...

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Date: 2011-07-30 06:24 pm (UTC)
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My kids' birthdays are in the beginning of September, labor day weekend for A and 6 days later for D. Being at the beginning of the school year is tough for us, especially if they are in new classes, not knowing who their new friends will be. We just suck it up but D has a friend who's birthday is actually the same day as As and they do birthdays with family and have a half birthday party as well, in the beginning of March, so that her son can invite his classmates and not have to deal with having a party at the beginning of the school year.


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