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Ok, so my husband and I have several anniversaries.  There's the anniversary of our first date (which was also when I first started showing signs of my nightshade issues.  *sigh*).  Then there's the anniversary of our legal marriage.  Ultimately, though, there was our wedding with oomph - the one where our vows were more than, "We vow to pay taxes together."


That was two years ago today.
It was officiated by two people who I still hold dear.
Some family was there, some friends.

It was a fabulous celebration.  It was not huge, not even large by anyone's measure.  However, it was full of love and good will and joy.  By the time we got to the week before the wedding, everything was paid, and everything was set up.  I had no concerns about fitting into my dress, but I think that

[personal profile] meadmaker  looked amazing.  When he came downstairs in his tuxedo, that's when I cried. 

Mom was happy.
Sister was distracted (eh, she had her own relationship foo going on).
Niece was lovely.  Someone took a picture of her and [personal profile] drwex  and [personal profile] pygment  's oldest where they look like such little adults having a serious conversation about, oh, whether to offer wine or tea with dinner.
My nephew even did well (though I didn't know the bells would bother him).  He seemed to enjoy himself somewhat, and having a DJ instead of a live band meant that the noise level didn't reach such a level that he had to completely leave the reception (though he did take some time in another room from time to  time).
F was in high form.  There was the fingerprint in the cake.  He had to join us for toasts.  He danced all evening, and insisted on sitting with [personal profile] drwex  and [personal profile] pygment  and family rather than with Grandma and his cousins.  I think he'd had enough of his cousins by then.  F even got his uncle to get him drinks (Sprite, I think) from the bar.  :)  Or maybe it was cider. 

Anyway, I remember a wonderful day.
I remember getting to the bed& breakfast, and a couple of little girls came up to me and asked me if I was a princess.  :)  They were so cute, and somewhat in awe.
I only vaguely remember the 80 some odd bobby pins in my hair.


It was a magical time for me.  I don't know if it was as amazing to meadmaker, but since I had never really thought in my life that I'd marry anyone, and then in moving as I had with meadmaker, it didn't seem that he and I ever would, anyway, it seemed almost dreamlike.  I guess since I didn't spend my life with a "dream wedding," there was nothing really to dissapoint me.  Still, I love that man more every day.  I couldn't imagine life without him by my side, and don't want to even try.


Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

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