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Tomorrow (Thursday) is my last work day before leaving for FSG.  I have two files to close and one diary item to do.  Beyond that it's just keeping the email cleared and getting my notices set up. 

Tonight I will sweep & mop, make frosting (with GOAT butter!), and gather trash. 
I MIGHT bring up the camp kitchen, camp table, and another bin.

Tomorrow, after work, I'll take the kiddo to karate.  Perhaps that's when I will scrub bathrooms.

Friday I am mystery reader at school, get the car dealt with (balance wheels, change oil, top off fluids), go to iParty, and pick up Meadmaker at the airport.  I will also be making the sheet cake and the gluten free cupcakes.

Saturday morning - grocery shopping for household.
Saturday afternoon - sweetie and kiddo will be at a birthday party at the MFA.  That's when I will decorate the cakes.
Saturday evening - put away stuff that will make my sister uncomfortable.  (Really, when did I become the more personally liberal of the two of us?!?!)

Sunday - set up kiddo's way-early birthday party (order pizzas)
Sunday afternoon - party
Sunday later afternoon - sister K arrives!

Dinner will be low-key.

Monday - kiddo goes to school and then to see Snoopy the Musical.  K and I will shop for the final things we need, and finish packing.  I'll make meatballs and pesto that are cow-milk & nut free.  They will likely have sheep milk product in them, though.  We'll pack most of the car except perishables.

Tuesday - we hit the road insanely early.  I will need to have tea. (I can't drink coffee anymore - it bothers my stomach).  We're going to stop in NJ to see the house my grandfather built, that holds so many good memories for me and my sister.  We'll stop by the lake and take a good whiff - nothing else smells like Lake Tamarack in Stockholm, NJ.    Then we'll probably stop for brunch, and finish the drive.  Stockholm is slightly off the path, but doesn't add too much time, and it is still past the halfway point.
When we get there, we'll get unloaded and set up, and make dinner for those who will be joining us a bit later.



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